Catholic Ethos


St Bede’s College, Manchester, has provided a Catholic education since 1876.  The vision of Cardinal Vaughan, our founder, was to pursue academic excellence and instil values. 140 years later, we are still true to this aim.

St Bede’s College is a Catholic School where the staff work together to bring Gospel values into all areas of school life. Our beautiful Chapel, at the heart of our school, is a place where prayer, worship and liturgy are regular meaningful experiences for pupils, parents and staff.

In partnership with parents, we aim to help the pupils in our care to nurture their faith and grow in their relationship with God by experiencing a supportive, caring, stimulating and, above all, Christian school environment.

We believe in providing an excellent education for all children that is rooted in and sustained by our shared commitment to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

All children, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, are encouraged to strive for the highest possible standards of work and behaviour, whilst learning to develop as well-mannered, self-disciplined and tolerant individuals, both inside and outside the classroom. The children learn to live as happy and caring members of a school community, which values their unique individual talents, and also, importantly, the needs of others.

St Bede’s pupils leave as well-rounded young adults, ready with courage to make a difference in the world around them.