House System


Our house system has an increasing range of activities and responsibilities open to the various year groups.

A key advantage of this system has been pupils feel part of a wider college family and that they forge friendships with students from other years. Healthy competition in sport, drama and other areas has engendered a spirit of co-operation and provided opportunities for pupils from all year groups to show both leadership and organisational ability. Older pupils have provided guidance and support to the younger ones, while siblings placed in the same house have begun rapidly to feel at home.

While many of our students already derived huge benefits from the co-curricular programme, it is the new system that has encouraged even greater participation. Nowhere was this more evident than in Bede’s Has Talent! and the junior sports competitions. A very pleasing number of Parents attended these events and we hope to build on this in the coming year.

The House Masses and bowling days provided an excellent bonding opportunity; watch this space for this year’s programme!

The tutor system has been refined this year to give our Upper Third arrivals their own tutor time and a dedicated teaching area at the bottom of the Beck Building. The Upper Fifth too have bespoke groups to enhance levels of communication between staff and tutors at this crucial time in their academic development.