Campion House


  • Head of House: Mr J Parkinson-Jones
  • Assistant Head of House: Mrs I Morrillo

Our House Motto

Te Deum Laudamus – We Praise Thee O’Lord.

Our motto sums up neatly what we want for the members of Campion House. We believe that everybody can excel at something, and we aim to help you find out what that is. Thanking God for our gifts.

You will be expected to work hard. We will try not to overburden you, and staff will always do their best to help you if you are struggling. But the only way to achieve success and to fulfil your potential is hard work, in every lesson and in every piece of work.

We want your time at St Bede’s to be fruitful and enjoyable. We want you to enjoy your time out of the classroom, so make the most of the amazing range of co-curricular activities open to you; whether that is the traditional sports of Football, Rugby, Netball and Hockey, or more obscure activities such as Chess, Golf, Skiing or even Cryptic Crosswords. If you have a suggestion for a club or activity, let us know!

Finally, and most importantly, we ask you to pray. You will pray every morning in form time, and at the end of every school day. St Bede’s is a Catholic community and we remember that behind everything we do is our faith and we will have House Masses through the year.




St Edmund Campion

sir-edmund-campionSaint Edmund Campion, S.J. (24 January 1540 – 1 December 1581) was an English Roman Catholic martyr and Jesuit priest. While conducting an underground ministry in officially Protestant England, Campion was arrested by priest hunters. Campion and his fellow defendants were found guilty of treason. In court he answered the verdict: “In condemning us, you condemn all your own ancestors, all our ancient bishops and kings, all that was once the glory of England — the island of saints, and the most devoted child of the See of Peter.”  On hearing the death sentence, Campion and the other condemned men broke into the words of the Te Deum. After spending his last days in prayer he was dragged with two fellow priests, Fathers Ralph Sherwin and Alexander Briant, to Tyburn where the three were hanged, drawn and quartered on 1 December 1581. Campion was 41 years of age.

A Daily Prayer of St. Edmund Campion “I have made a free oblation of myself to your Divine Majesty, both of life and of death, and I hope that you will give me grace and force to act as You will. This is all I desire. Amen.” -St. Edmund Campion

Wherever I may travel May I always profess my faith in You, God To Whom I owe all my obedience. Grant that I may always have the courage: To preach the Gospel, To speak out against injustice. And to face all challenges without fear. For by your will, I will go where I am sent To carry any cross you lay upon me And never to despair. For the price is paid and the work is begun: It is of God; It cannot be overcome.

God be in my head, and in my being. God be in my mind, and understanding. God be in my eyes, and in my seeing. God be in my ears, and in my hearing. God be in my mouth, & in my speaking. God be in my heart, and in my thinking. Amen.

Almighty God, we place this day in your hands and ask that you would bless our work and inspire within us a love of God  and a determination, as strong as that of St Edmund Campion, to give and not to count the cost. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen