Magdalene House

  • Head of House: Mrs N McCormick
  • Assistant Head of House: Mr C Wright

 Our House Motto

Family and Community through the Spirit of the Lord.

St. Mary Magdalene is one of the greatest saints of the Bible and a legendary example of God’s mercy and grace.




St Magdalene

boscoThe Gospels agree that Mary was originally a great sinner however; it is what she did after meeting Jesus which is much more significant. She helps us to understand the mercy of God as she was a sinner but Jesus, in his loving mercy, forgave her and called her to follow him. She changed her ways and devoted her life to be a follower of Christ.

She was the first to proclaim the joyous Easter message that Jesus had risen from the dead. She was given the honour of being the first person to see the empty tomb and the first to listen to the truth of the resurrection. By choosing Mary to be the first to witness this miraculous event, Jesus showed special consideration and mercy for her and appreciation of the dignity of all women.

During the Year of Mercy Pope Francis raised her memorial day to a feast day which is celebrated on the 22nd July. St. Mary Magdalene reminds us of how we can be forgiven by God’s grace, follow Jesus and with his help never return to sinful ways. No person is beyond the saving grace of God.