Pastoral Care


St Bede’s College is a caring community of staff and pupils highly commended for their friendliness, concern for each other and respect for mankind. Our aim is to ensure that the children in our care are able to develop their own personalities, grow in self-confidence and self-worth in a vibrant, family environment.


We believe that education is concerned with the growth and development of the ‘whole child’. An integrated approach to the children’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development allows our pupils to discover their true potential.

Our ultimate priority as teachers is to ensure that all pupils are safe, happy, healthy and fulfilled. We are conscious of our responsibilities to act ‘in loco parentis’ during the school day. We will always do our best, professionally and personally, for the children in our care. We aim to be firm, fair and friendly at all times.

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect and courtesy within a caring, supportive learning environment. We encourage pupils to promote reasoned attitudes, beliefs and values. Great emphasis is laid upon respect, self-discipline, justice, responsibility and co-operation.



Pastoral Care is an essential aspect of educational provision. We are rightly proud of the reputation we have developed for helping our students to become young adults who are confident and caring, aware of their uniqueness, yet willing to sublimate their wishes in pursuit of the common good. We want our young people to be polite and happy, to show initiative and, above all, to be mature, honest, kind and authentic in their relationships.

The pastoral support we offer our young people would be less effective if we did not acknowledge the shared nature of our role with parents. Because of this, we strive to involve parents in every aspect of their child’s development, encouraging dialogue about pupils’ progress and achievement, being happy to listen and support when personal circumstances encroach upon school life and offering a very clear and consistent disciplinary structure in which pupils can exercise initiative, develop and ultimately succeed.

The pupils’ academic, spiritual, social and moral development from throughout their years at St Bede’s, through the challenges of adolescence and into young adulthood, is presided over by a group of dedicated Heads of House and Assistant Heads of House who work closely with a team of Form Tutors. Mrs Pike, Senior Deputy Head has overall responsibility for Welfare and Mr Grierson, Deputy Headmaster, oversees behaviour and discipline throughout the College. Mrs Gallagher, Head of Sixth Form, ensures rewards are consistent throughout the College and pupils’ achievements are celebrated and appreciated by all.


Sixth Form

What truly sets our Sixth Form apart is not our excellent academic results, although these are vitally important, nor even is it our broad co-curricular programme of clubs, societies and trips. Rather, it is our attention to the individual, informed by our commitment to the Catholic faith.

Tutors care about their tutees, and the Sixth Form Pastoral team know all our students well; we know what motivates them, what inspires them and how to help them be the best students and people they can be.

Students benefit from being in small tutor groups, typically consisting of no more than thirteen tutees, and over the course of the two years of Sixth Form get to know their tutors and their classmates very well. Such small groups allow tutors to take a personal interest in each of their tutees, to set targets and assess their progress, and to help them prepare their university applications.

The Head of Sixth Form and Heads of Year are based in the Sixth Form Centre, and are consequently always available to talk to students and help them with any problems or difficulties they might encounter.