Resolute in the belief that personal development is greatly enhanced by exciting and stimulating extra-curricular activities, St Bede’s College Prep School endeavours to offer pupils a wide ranging selection of such activities throughout the year.

There are numerous opportunities for pupils to develop skills, talents and explore activities beyond the classroom. Pupils are positively encouraged to take part in the Performing and Expressive Arts, Music, Modern Foreign Languages and Sport.

Regular educational visits and field trips open the gate to further learning opportunities, while a range of residential visits for Years 5 and 6 pupils develop the pupils’ physical abilities, social and personal attributes, co-operative and team-building skills.

To achieve our aim of developing each individual’s potential to the full, great importance is given to breadth of opportunity. All pupils are positively encouraged to partake in one or more activities in our extensive extra-curricular activity programme. Co-curricular clubs are varied to reflect all pupils’ interests. Currently these include:

    • Art Club
    • Ballet
    • Bookworms
    • Choir

I am the Wind and Silver Moon

  • Cricket
  • Ensemble
  • Football
  • Film & TV
  • German
  • Hockey
  • Italian
  • Musical Theatre
  • Netball
  • Orchestra
  • Rounders
  • Speech and Drama
  • Strategy Games