Giving Back; Looking Forward


Supporting the Bursary Fund

Bedian education is in essence indefinable, but very special. Bedians are instantly recognisable as quietly determined, thoughtful, caring and compassionate individuals. A frequent refrain is that Bedians are ‘confident but not arrogant’. At the heart of this Bedian essence is that they are imbued with a spirit to be the best they can be whilst trying to make the right decision, with its consequential actions for that particular time.

At a time when positions in society are increasingly polarised and resources are scarce the drive for equality and fairness within society is urgent. We need individuals who will reflect and take the right decisions for the time. The College’s continued contribution to society is to work with young people who leave the College and enter the world as quietly determined young adults who have academic resilience underpinned by Bedian values.

The Bursary Fund will not only support and increase access to Bedian education it’s impact is far greater in terms of working to support and defend Bedian education and sharing it with as many young people as possible.

To ensure that this provision remains sustainable, the Bursary Fund of St Bede’s College, Manchester has launched the “Giving Back; Looking Forward” Campaign which will continue for years to come to operate as a true endowment fund.

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