Interim Headteacher’s Welcome


When people first visit the College they are struck by the purposeful diligence the pupils exhibit and the tangible warm, family atmosphere. The way the pupils and staff interact confirms that this is a friendly place to learn where every pupil is known, valued and achieves beyond their individual potential.

All pupils enter successfully into the rich foundation of the College and all enjoy being fully part of our distinctive, vibrant community. Academic excellence and instilling values are the two well-known hallmarks of St. Bede’s College. We place an equal importance on the three pillars of academia, sport and the creative and performing arts delivering a truly holistic and universal education.
At St. Bede’s, the small but important things really do matter. Getting along in harmony with all members of the school community, making genuine friendships, respecting one another, showing good manners and developing the attributes of a successful learner are inculcated in all pupils.

When ISI inspectors visited the College they saw that, ‘all pupils have positive attitudes to learning…pupils of all ages have excellent social skills…they show strong moral development and demonstrate excellent behaviour.’

A leading HMC Catholic Independent School with Christian values at the heart is a happy and fulfilling place to be. St. Bede’s College is a unique and sensational place to develop a life-long love of learning that prepares our pupils for the world’s top universities and the 21st century work place. Above all, we enable all our pupils to be the very best version of themselves, to become people for other and to fully understand what it means to positively contribute to the society in which they will live.

We encourage you to visit us soon, experience the warm atmosphere for yourself and become part of our very exciting future.