Charity Work


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

― Mother Teresa

Charity is at the heart of our Catholic ethos at St. Bede’s College and is a principle which pervades all years of the College from 3 – 18. The pupils raise money for causes as far afield as Tanzania and Peru alongside projects which benefit our local community.

Our Lenten campaign saw every class involved with fundraising. This clearly illustrates our commitment to spreading the Catholic message of charity throughout the school through fun and innovative fundraising schemes such as: charity bake-offs, 24 hour cycles and even ‘sponging the teachers’!

Our Sixth Form Charity Committee has already raised over £1000 this year and it pursues its stated aim of altruism with verve and creativity. The love of giving is at the core of the spirit of St. Bede’s College.

Finally, on behalf of all of our charities, thank you for your continued support and generosity. There is no finer feeling than receiving letters and cards from our charities around the world, thanking the pupils and parents of St Bede’s for their support.


    St. Bede's Charities
  • Super Hero Day – Beechwood House

    All our pupils dressed as superheroes for the day to raise funds for the Beechwood Cancer Care, a charity which has helped some of our pupils and deserves our support. We have raised over £3000 in total, a magnificent achievement and a big thank you to all who donated. See more pictures of the event here

  • Good Life Orphanage (Kenya)

    The Good Life Orphanage provides a loving home to fifty orphans in the Mombasa region in Kenya.  Mary and Kevin McGuire, along with some of our Prep School families, built the Orphanage after seeing the desperate need to provide homes for abandoned children whilst on holiday there.

    Staff from the Prep School have visited the orphanage and experienced, first-hand, the incredible achievement, under difficult circumstances, that allows these children to grow up in a loving, caring environment.  In addition to the orphanage, Kevin and Mary have now built a school that will accommodate 250 children from some of the poorest families in the local area; providing free education and food.

    The Prep School raises money for the orphanage in many ways.  Most recently raising £6,000 from a sponsored ‘fun run’.  The staff and children in the orphanage and school remain in our thoughts and prayers throughout the year   For further information please visit

  • Francis House (children’s hospice, Didsbury)

    Francis House is a children’s hospice situated in Didsbury in South Manchester.

    It opened its doors in 1991 to children with life limiting illnesses.  It gives respite care for families who have children and young adults with life threatening conditions.

    The service was founded on the belief in the sanctity of life and respect for the dignity of every person.   Francis House is funded entirely on charitable donations.  Currently it is expanding its buildings to be able to accommodate more children, as the demand is so high.  The cost of the expansion will be in the region of £3.5 million.  Each year we devote a week to raising money by selling Francis House goods.

    Throughout the year the staff and children of Francis House remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    For further information please visit

  • Cornerstone (refuge for the homeless, Moss Side)

    Cornerstone Day Centre provides food, warmth, clothing, friendship and care for around 200 adults a day.  Its aim is to meet the needs of homeless, disadvantaged and isolated adults by providing a basis service which enhances the quality of life of those people that access the centre.  The centre gives companionship, support, and practical help and facilitates access to other statutory and voluntary services.

    Each year the families in the Prep School donate money, food, toiletries and clothing at Harvest time to support this Cornerstone project.  Throughout the year the staff and patrons of Cornerstone remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    If you would like further information please visit

  • Caritas (Catholic Children’s Rescue Society)

    Caritas is the charitable arm of the Diocese of Salford. Since 2010 it has encompassed the Catholic Children’s Rescue Society, Catholic Welfare Society and St Joseph’s Mission to the Deaf. It provides services such as Adoption Support, Foster Care, Children’s Homes, Young Parents units etc. Caritas aims to make a difference to disadvantaged children, families and adults across the whole of Greater Manchester. It is continually growing and expanding, providing services to people of all faiths. Each year we support Caritas by collecting money in St Joseph’s penny boxes. Throughout the year we keep the work of Caritas in our thoughts and prayers. For further information please refer to

  • Lourdes

    This summer, Sixth Form students are planning to make the pilgrimage to Lourdes. Our pupils pay a lot of their own money to make the pilgrimage, to help support the elderly, the infirm and the disabled from the Salford Diocese. This is a very spiritually rewarding week where they will meet many inspirational people and make some friends for life. The experience a young person has in Lourdes is indescribable and so many different stories and experiences are recounted many times upon their return. Many students have said it was a real turning point, not just in their faith, but a turning point in their life. Interested?!

  • Other Charities

    We continually raise money and offer donations to many charitable organisations. Fr. Ned Wall received £1000 for his Peruvian mission work this summer. We give a significant amount to CAFOD every year, money which is spent on ‘priority cases’ as judged by CAFOD. We also provide for charities closer to home. Contact is a women’s refuge on Wilbraham Road, very close to school, who provide shelter and protection for vulnerable women.

    St Bede’s have always been generous in their giving to emergency relief funds. We never know what things will be thrown up through the year, but the reaction and gestures of pupils in recent years to natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti, is never surprising but always welcome.

    City of Angels

    Father Pat Clarke has been a friend of St Bede’s College for many years now. His ‘City of Angels’ project for the street children of Sao Paulo has been in place in one form or another for over thirty years. They provide an education and food and water to the huge numbers of children who live on the streets of Brazil. Fr. Pat’s philosophy is best summed up by the following quote. “I really believe in the cosmic dimension of the small gesture. Some say it’s only the big gesture that matters – that the small gesture has no point. I refute that totally. No way of life could be sustained without small gestures. It’s not true to say nothing will change and it doesn’t matter.”

    School Under The Tree

    Mr Loader started the School Under the Tree fund many years ago after a visit to see his daughter who was volunteering in Ethiopia. He met Belay, who was literally teaching pupils under a tree beside a road to provide shade from the hot sun. Since then, and with a significant amount of work, the School Under the Tree became a building, and a place where the young people of Awassa could go to receive a basic education, and a simple meal. For many years, SUtT relied solely on St Bede’s donations to exist. Thankfully that is no longer the case, but it is still the worthy recipient of much of our charity. During the Easter Holidays of 2012, Mr Byrne and Mr Loader went to Ethiopia to visit the School Under the Tree, and to see the benefit of our donations and hard work was very rewarding.