Bede’s News 22 November 2019

The SBPA Christmas Fair 2019 is now just around the corner!
Your child should have brought home an envelope containing £20.00’s worth of raffle tickets. There are 5 tickets in each booklet and each individual ticket is £1.00 each. A large part of the Christmas Fair revenue is generated through the sale of Raffle Tickets prior to the event so please ask all your family and friends to support us and buy as many tickets as possible.
If you haven’t seen the envelope, it should be in your child’s bag! Don’t forget to send in your sold Christmas Fair raffle ticket counterfoils with the collected monies to either the Prep Office or the Main College Office.
As you know we need volunteering over two days;
• Fri 29 Dec – Event set up
• Sat 30 Dec – Running stalls and activities
Let us know if you can help volunteering or would like to advertise in the Christmas Fair Brochure via the following different channels:
• Paper volunteer form (included with the raffle tickets)
• Via email

Bede’s News 22 Nov 2019