Bede’s News 28 February 2020

On the 26 of February, we took part in a BLC (Business Language Champions) event called the International Space Challenge, held at The Manchester Grammar School.

During this event, our language and science skills were put to the test. The challenge was to design and create a model of a space hotel using Spanish to purchase the materials.
After building the model, we had to deliver a presentation to market our hotel model in Spanish in front of judges and an audience. Then, in English, we had to deliver a second presentation to explain our engineering ideas for our space hotel, which we called ‘The Cosmic’.

At the end of the day, the results were revealed and as a team, we won a special award for ‘Best team work’! Additionally, Scarlett received a prize for showing the best linguistic skills during the presentation. The judges mentioned how impressed they were by Scarlett’s ability to answer unpredictable questions in Spanish on the spot.

Bede’s News 28 Feb 2020