Bede’s News 28 June 2019

‘Brekekekex Koax Koax’
The St. Bede’s Classics Department presented the inaugural Greek Dramatic production this week, the comedic tour de force that is: Aristophanes’ Frogs. The Headmaster’s Lawn resounded to the sound of ancient comedic stylings whilst picnicking on mezze and ‘Pluto’s Punch’. Parents, teachers and outside students alike were, by the end, indistinguishable from the bands of revellers depicted in the show and the laughter was as uproarious as the final applause. Finlay Ward-Mallinson, our head boy, gave a fantastic valedictory performance as the anarchic Dionysus, ably supported by his cunning slave Xanthias, William Morrow and the truly heroic Herakles, Henry Starkie.

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