Bede’s News 5 February 2021

On Tuesday 2 February I was proud to have the opportunity to visit Salford Foodbank to drop off various items of food, as well as money I had collected, to support their amazing efforts to help feed hungry families throughout Salford.
I asked my neighbours in Monton if they would like to donate any food items before Christmas and placed a box in the street for people to drop things off if they wanted to and I decided that making and selling Christmas decorations might work and sold these to my neighbours, raising a fantastic £75.00.
My mum and I made an appointment to visit Salford Foodbank to drop the food and money off and the staff there were so happy to receive the goods and made me feel special for trying to do my bit to help. I was amazed how big it was and just how much food was stored there. It is really sad that people need to rely on things like foodbanks but it’s also quite inspiring to see all the goods that have been donated and to realise just how generous and caring some members of society can be for others less fortunate.
They told me that most of their donations come from the public or supermarkets and that there is quite a lot of work that goes on before donations make it to families in need, usually via Churches or Charities like ‘Loaves and Fishes’, who we are all familiar with at St Bede’s College.

Bede’s News 5 Feb 2021